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taintradio.org 32k AAC+
                                      taintradio info
taintradio.org 192k mp3
taintradio.org 128k mp3
KOPA 91.3FM Pala, CA 128k mp3                  KOPA rez radio info
KSPC 88.7FM Claremont, CA 128k mp3        
KSPC info
KSPC Streaming Statistics
Tax Show Radio, Arcadia, CA               taxradioshow.com
KAVV 97.7 Benson, AZ                                   caveFM.com
KPUP-LP 100.5 Patagonia, AZ                        KPUP.INFO
KDSS 92.7 Ely, NV                                          KDSS FM
Hole In The Wall Saloon, S.F.   120k mp3        
HITWS info
KXLU 88.9 LA, CA   128k  AAC+                  KXLU.com
KBRW AM 680 Barrow, AK 64k mp3             KBRW.org
KDIL FM 666  Wickenburg, AZ                       KDIL.com


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